Money is an important tool in life. What is more important is to understand how it can work for you that you working for it!

Through our comprehensive financial planning service, one gets the following:

  • Evaluation of current assets and liabilities.
  • Assessment of family financial goals.
  • Assessment of all investment vehicles use by the family.
  • Plan of action for meeting future financial goals.
  • Plan of action for new investments to achieve gaols.
  • Recommendation for contingency fund, new investment, personal finance ratios, liquidation and acquisition of new assets if required.

We have a unique client centric service model so as to help their clients to select the combination of various services required by them.
We are experts at what we do and what for us our success lies only in making our clients meet their financial goals and objectives. We love the fact that we are known and respected by our clients and the industry for our unique business model and our conflict free advice.

Your Customised Financial Plan Made By Experts

We are very good at what we do. To ensure you meet your financial goals our financial planning manager use top of the line technology, knowledge and processes. Your financial plan is tailor-made to suit your requirements and all our investment advice is backed by in- depth research.

Process for a comprehensive financial planning

We understand that not two people alike- 1) While preparing for their investments. 2) When it comes to investing.

Risk assessment involves detailed review and analysis of all factors of your existing financial situation & provide a clear inside in understanding your requirements.

Your next step would be to define your financial goals. Determination/ defining lot of goals help us in creating a framework to achieve that target.

Every individual is different, their goals, liability, responsibility various from others. We draft a customised “My Investment Plan” based on the inputs provided by you & the goals defined.

Your trusted partner for all financial needs

Our Services:

Finamics Young

The earlier you start saving, the more you grow your corpus exponentially!

A ₨. 2000 monthly systematic investment plan (SIP) into Equity Mutual Funds for 35years has a potential to grow to ₨.1.4Cr. whereas if the investment time is reduced to 30years then the corpus reduces to ₨.75 lakhs. This service introduces aspiring young individuals to the discipline of regular saving. Through monthly SIP into simple debt and equity products, tax saving ELSS and insurance planning, you can build an investment portfolio progressively

Finamics Young

Being young is always an advantage.
  • Blend of Equity, Mutual fund invested through SIP for regular savings.
  • Tax planning for enhance saving and through generate additional revenue/ money through ELSS.
  • Insurance planning through risk management. The more you save for first 10 yrs, spend 3 times the amount the next 10yrs.

Finamics Wealth

Wealth Creation
Invest efficiently in your 30’s
  • Proper Financial Planning.
  • Liquidity Management.
  • Tax Management and Filling.

Finamics Wealth

Focus on Wealth Creation- This is a stage where there are responsibilities like, Children’s College Education, Future Retirement, along with Liabilities like, Home loans. Even if you have never planned your investments its time to make your finances work properly this service specifically designed for a busy professional who has to manage life at work, home and achieve financial freedom through proper financial planning, investment execution, Tax Planning and Liquidity Management you can create wealth to meet financial and Retirement goals.

Finamics Vintage

You had an Illustrious Carrier, took care of family and all the responsibilities & now is the time to look forward to your golden years.

It is important to preserve capital at this stage. This service is designed for senior professional who are “not working”. Through cash flow planning for regular expenses, liquidity management, sleep well low risk portfolio, you can attain all your life goals that you always postponed and enjoy quality life.

Finamics Vintage

Enjoy a safe and rewarding Retirement.
  • Capital Preservation.
  • Liquidity Management.
  • Will and Estate Planning.