At Finamics Capital , We will help you discover how investing in your staff’s greater financial peace of minds is a sound and profitable investment in your business. Through focussed workshops we don’t just inform staff about good financial habits, engage with them & introduced real behavioural change at a day to day level.


Financial behaviour workshop:-

In your own environment, we will conduct a 2 hours workshop with your employees, accommodating around 20 staff members.

The workshop will be a interactive sessions, in a very relaxed & comfortable environment, encouraging interaction, discussions, & query times.

We discuss all the good and bad financial habits, do’s & don’ts of investing & the positive & negative impact it could have on your personal & financial health. Some of the key issues to be discussed are Taxation, Retirement Planning, Saving Habits & Monthly Budgeting

One to one follow up:-

After our initial get to know meet, we meet with each company member & discus their goals, objections, risk tolerance & time frame. We agree a concrete action plan for each team member.

Putting your plan into action:-

Once all the things are discussed & agreed to the recommendations, its time to put your plan into action. We will devise you a personal financial plan, Create new financial habits & implement it.

Monitoring your plan:-

Financial planning is an on-going process. Together we will established how frequency your plan us to be assessed & reviewed.

To make sure your stay on course timely support & advice will be provided.